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Manar Consulting Engineers is providing services to governmental ministries and establishments, industrial sector and other private clients.Our firm was qualified by USAID, Islamic Bank, and World Bank for projects in Jordan and other countries. The ownership of the company is vested in professional engineers who are the chiefs of their departments. The advantage to our clients of this participation in ownership of the substantial staff, lies in a continuity of personnel on the projects that require several years to complete design , construction and placing into operation. One of the remarkable aspects of our firm is that our design team had been working together on the design and supervision of projects for many years. This integrity and mutual understanding within our staff annexes better work quality ,as well as providing ease and comfort to the clients. Our design calculations are usually carried out according to our computerized records, which in turn are prepared by our engineers according to international standards in order to minimize the design period and human error at all stages. Moreover , Manar Consulting Engineers has on its computerized records, many sets of specifications, the most suitable being picked for further development and modification to meet the specific requirements of the concerned project. The comprehensive library of references, international standards, specifications, codes of practice and catalogues of different trades facilitates the works of the staff to provide the best suitable materials and their specifications to the required standards by the clients. Moreover, the vast experience of our staff in various types of construction shortens the periods of works in full compliance with the clients needs.


Registered in the Jordanian Engineering Association and the Ministry of Housing and Public Works as first grade consultant company.

1- Department of Architecture

2- Electrical and Power Department.

3- Projects Management Department.

4- Roads and Bridges Projects.

5- Mechanical Department.

6- Structural Department.

7- Water and Sewage Department

Our Clients Listed but Not Limited To:

- Ministry of Housing and Public Works

- Aden University- Republic of Yemen.

- Ministry of Housing and Public Works.

- Emmar Corporation- Jordan.

- Higher Council for Science and Technology.

- Ministry of Education.

- Ministry of Health.

- Ministry of Agriculture.

- Ministry of Planning.

- Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

- Vocational Training Corporation.

- Jordan River Corporation.

- Community Development Centers.

- East Amman Corporation.

- Alittijah Company.

- Cities and Villages Development Bank.

- Higher Council for Youth.

- Alsalt Municipality.

- Albadiya Research and Development.

- Investors of various projects.

- Arab Potash Company.

- Phosphate Corporation.

- Arab Center For Pharmaceutical.

- Eastern Holding.

- Various Municipalities.

- Maeen evason-Resort and Spas.

- National Company for Tourism.

- Arab Company for Construction.

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P.O.Box: 811554 Amman-Jordan
+962-6-5602423 T
+962-6-5606278 F

Eng.Khaled Samarah

Eng.Waleed Kh. Samarah

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